03-07 DL3 mirror conversion to 99-02 and Escalade Power Fold switch wiring question


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Jul 13, 2015
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Ok, so I have converted my 03-07 DL3 mirrors to the 99-02 plug so I can plug them in. In looking at my door harnesses, the plug for the mirror doesn't seem to be wired for the puddle lights (Missing the white wire in slot F). My question is how did you guys get the puddle light to function, if you didn't have the wire in your door harnesses?

Did you pin the door mirror harness for the puddle light? If so, does anyone have the wiring pinout for the door harness in a 99-02 so I can see where it goes to when it connects to the dash wiring?

Or did you tap a wire in the door (such as the door light itself or others?)

Also, what wires did you tap in the dash for the Escalade Power Fold Switch for Pin 1 (Switch Light), Pin 2 (Ground), and Pin 3 (Power)?

Thanks, Chad

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