2002 tahoe 5.3 vin z random/multiple misfire


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Mar 9, 2023
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Recently aquired 02 tahoe lt 5.3 vinz flex option. Drove fine when picked up, engine light came on for knock sensor and misfire. Went to fuel uo and she stalled on me, fires right up after stall but was stalling when i hit the gas in the driveway in park. Seems to stall out when im downhill. Cranknposition sensor replaced, fixed the stalling in park. Went for teat ride around block stalled when i hit the down hill. Check engine flashes when i rev it in park. Have changed,mass air, crank position, throttle position, spark plugs, wires, fuel filter, fuel pump fuel pressure reg, still misfires, havent gone around the block again yet, i need to do the knocksensor still. Any wisdom as to whats going on here. Since the crank position has been installed it usually will stay at 500-600rpm but but will drop low when i touch the throttle for the forst few mins of running.starting to wear me thin

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