2004 2500hd transfer case

Discussion in 'Transmission & Transfer Case' started by Bobby_moore2011, Aug 5, 2018.

  1. Bobby_moore2011

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    Aug 5, 2018
    Hi I have a 2004 chevy 2500hd, originally had a floor shift transfer case in the truck, guy before me swapped to a electric tease, what would all be needed to make the swap work? Said something about getting the wiring and push buttons. The electric tease is installed in the truck now is a hd case so if I could make it work would just stick with it. Thanks a lot Bob
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    Mar 3, 2015
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    should be a relatively simple swap. The transfer case itself is the same, just one has an electronic actuator, the other is done manually. If youre truck already had a manual case then you shouldnt even have to cut open the floor

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