2005 Silverado 5.3L feels sluggish - HELP

Discussion in 'Engine & Performance' started by rippyro, Sep 15, 2017.

  1. rippyro

    rippyro New Member

    Sep 11, 2017
    Bear with me I want to give the most detail so I can get some accurate responses. All help is greatly appreciated.

    I have a 2005 silverado 1500 z71 crew cab with 130k miles on it. I bought it used about 7 months ago and feel it just doesn't have the power that all of my trucks in the past have had. I had a 98 single cab W/T with a 4.3L that seemed to have just as much giddy up. I also had an 09 2wd ext. cab with a 5.3L that had much more. All of the trucks have been stock with the exception of a flowmaster super 40 on the 98 and an unknown brand exhaust on the 09 (it was on there when I bought the truck.) I also had a 2012 ram with the 5.7 but I don't feel that's apples to apples in this case but it had tons more power from a 1/2 ton truck than this 05.

    The problem isn't reaching highway speeds. The truck will run 70-80mph in the 1800-2200rpm range without problems. It does feel like it works pretty hard climbing hills at highway speeds however. It also seems sluggish when merging onto the highway or passing. Once at highway speeds it downshifts fine but seems to have no torque to pick up speed to pass despite the rise in RPMs. I have to put the pedal almost to the floor when accelerating to get up to highway speeds when merging but once it's there it cruises at that speed fine. Transmission is good and engine starts, runs, and idles fine. The only problem is the felt power and acceleration issue.

    1. Is this normal or has anyone had the same experience with this year/model?
    2. If it's not normal what should I check to try to fix it?
    3. If it is normal I would like to improve the performance. What would be some basic things I could replace such as exhaust, CAI, etc.

    I have SLIGHTLY bigger than stock tires, 285/65r17 A/T I think, that don't rub with stock ride
    I have a brush guard as well (not a full ranch hand style bumper just the brush guard.)

    I don't think these additions would affect it much but thought it would be worth adding to the description.

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  2. Carpaltomo

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    Sep 28, 2016
    First thing I'd check would be the brakes. Lift the truck and see if there is more resistance on one of the wheels as you try to turn them. Alternatively, if you have a non-contact thermometer, measure rotor temps after a drive and see if any of the rotors are much hotter than the others.
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