6L80e Conversion


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Feb 21, 2022
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New Jersey
I've been thinking about what happens when my 4L65e inevitably fails. I can go and get another rebuild and they can put the same shift kit "for longevity" in it for $2200-$3k depending on how messed up mine is when they get it. I've had a recent interest in improvements, and I've been eyeing this 6L80e conversion kit.

I was wondering if anyone has tried, maybe not this one in particular, but any 6l80e swaps. just have a few questions and any advice is appreciated.

My truck is a 2004 Escalade ESV AWD. I have the 6.0 LQ9 and AWD all the time, it's not the select-able 4WD. would I need different differentials to make this work? or are the gear ratios the same? and would the transfer case from the 4l65e bolt up to the 6l80e or would I be getting a new transfer case? I can't imagine the front and rear driveshafts being the same lengths either, I imagine I'd have to find a shop that fabricates custom driveshafts. I'm not looking to make a high performance monster, this is more of a get in and go, as if it were stock kind of situation.

I imagine the column shifter would be an interesting conversion too, will have to contact the company and see what they say.

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