Diy Car Painting Auto Body Course

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    Sep 9, 2020
    Hello guys,

    I am posting this thread to share simple and yet proven step by step techniques to paint and customize your Car, Truck, Bike or Boat and get pro finishes without spending lots of money and time. You can learn even if you are a complete noob and have never painted in your life.

    Finally! You can now save thousands from overpriced body shop fees, learn an envied skill-set, and complete any of your projects from home. Soon, you will know exactly how to:

    Auto body and paint so well, your friends and family members will be begging you to do their cars!
    How to paint and restore all types of cars, trucks, or bikes on the fly. And you'll have complete confidence and know exactly how to get the job done right.
    Know EXACTLY how to paint and install custom body kits & or accessories.
    Do something custom and crazy to your personal project that will make it stand out from the pack and turn heads!
    Make extra money (doing simple side jobs) from home... ( if you wish to ).
    Execute the exact color sanding and buffing tactics used by auto paint professionals to achieve showroom PROFESSIONAL gloss.
    How to paint with candy paints, pearls, flakes, and know the correct pressures to spray with...
    Easily learn ‘all you need to know’ about auto body and paint without the confusion and misguidance.
    Have full confidence that you can complete and complete any project that you desire.

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