Get an Aluminum Auxiliary Tank by ATI for Extended Fuel Capacity

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    Don’t you want to stockpile some fuel after recent gas shortages? If it happens again, you need to be ready and equip your truck with a high-quality auxiliary tank that will allow you to extend the gas mileage of your vehicle, power a generator, or simply transfer fuel into the stationary tank on your property. No more trying to fill a plastic bag with gasoline, use an American-made top-grade aluminum tank by ATI.

    Make sure you have enough fuel for a long trip. An ATI aluminum tank, available for purchase at, will allow you to keep your factory tank full until the auxiliary tank is empty. The finished products meet all DOT requirements and can be used safely in all weather conditions. It is even fully baffled to reduce slosh and add strength.

    Aluminum Tank Industries® - Combo L-Shaped Fuel Transfer Tank

    Aluminum Tank Industries® - Auxiliary Combo Fuel Transfer Tank with Install Kit

    Aluminum Tank Industries® - Auxiliary Wedge Tank with Install Kit

    • Excellent solution for the on-the-go fuel supply
    • Refuels the factory tank, engine, or other fuel operated devices
    • Fully baffled to reduce movement of contents
    • Premium quality aluminum construction for strength and durability
    • Fuel filler cap prevents the elements from getting into the tank
    • Quick and easy installation without any wires or switches needed
    • Comes with hold down brackets to keep in place
    • Built to meet or exceed DOT standards for fuel tanks
    • Has been subjected to visual, pressure, and leak detection test

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