Governor/Limiter on 2000 5.3

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    Apr 4, 2020
    Hi folks, I'm a current GMT400 owner that's inheriting a 2000 5.3 GMT800 from my aunt (she's bought a different truck). I'm skipping some backstory here to keep this shorter, but there is a possibility that I will end up loaning this GMT800 to my younger brother. I'd like to ensure this truck lasts a good while longer, and the consensus me and mine have come to is that a governor/speed limiter is our best option while it's on loan to him. From what I'm reading this would probably be reprogramming the ECU (lots of people appear to get it programmed to remove this instead) and not installing a physical device, which I would prefer as then it's not something he can just pull off and then put back on. My questions are this:

    Is it possible to limit both vehicle and engine speed? It's not something that should ever be used for towing or going fast under his care, so I'd like to set a limiter for about 80mph and 2500-2700RPM.

    Is this something a tuner/tuning shop would probably be able to do, or even something I can do on my own with my laptop, the right software and an OBDII to USB cable? I've never yet had a vehicle get tuned, but I will need to do so in the future (planning a motor swap for my GMT400). I'm assuming the price range for having it done would be anywhere from $200-$400, so I figure if the cost of the software and cable run about the same or less, and it's something I can do myself, then I'll buy what I need and keep the equipment for later (I won't set the initial tune for my later motor, I understand it can be kind of complicated for a beginner, but I'll probably want to play around with it after the tune is set to see how everything works. I'm also assuming it would be more useful to have than a generic $20 scan tool for when I have issues later too).

    Is there anything I need to take into consideration in doing this? My initial thoughts are how would the trans react to limiting the motor speed (I'm assuming it would be a 4L60E, yea?) if he tries to downshift to go faster instead of just limiting the maximum vehicle speed.