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Jun 13, 2022
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Kill Devil Hills
Hi Nice to meat you. I'm Joe and I live in NC.
After having a 1999 K1500 (GMT-400) for years, I lent it to my son who killed the poor thing. I just got my hands on this 2001 K1500 replacement. So far I like the '800's ride and comfort better then the old '400. I bought this Silver Fox for a total of $3000 from a buddy who was selling her for a friend of his. She has a whopping 305K miles on the clock, but no blowby, does not leak a drop of anything and runs and drives just fine. Only issues are the clock spring needs to be replaced, no horn, the ambient light sensors are failing in the diagnostics and of course the driver's seat bottom is toast. She will do fine pulling the boat around and hauling stuff :)


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