Shocks for my 06 RWD Sierra 1500

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    May 2, 2014
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    Okay this is embarassing, i know 4x4 crap I just rebuilt the front end on my 2010 silverado 2500HD (needed it after 330K)

    Did new shocks (Bilsteins) Ball joints, tie rods (all moog) the brakes and wheel hubs i did about 30K ago and a bad and B***h to get out pitman arm... lets say her steering is tight now.

    but i have my 06 extended cab RWD it's going to be my running around truck and something to play with but i want this to have a road hugging soft ride like a Lincoln Continental ride.

    I also will probably go through the engine tweaking it out, toss a set of decent pipes out her rear end... leaving the wheels stock (gotta keep it kinda of a sleeper)

    But what brand do i go with... Old Monroes? Gabriel? I know i can't go to sears (got those on the 82 K10 and under lifetime warranty if i could find a sears auto shop)

    I may air bag the back end... but i won't pull with her (got 2x 2010 6.0 2500HD's and my dog gone bro in law has his dodge with a cummins)

    And i know i haven't posted here in too da*n long you know life n stuff...