Shop is telling me my upper control arm bolts are "bad"

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    May 26, 2016
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    Here is the backstory:

    06 Z71 Suburban

    I did basically a complete rebuild of the front end.

    SpindleSource tubular UCA's w/ new ball joints.
    New bolts and alignment cams.
    Monroe Reflex Monotube shocks on extended brackets.
    OEM replacement LCA's with MevoTech TerrainTough TTX LBJ's
    Cognito two-piece "clevis style" away bar end links.
    Forged, indexed torsion bar keys.
    MOOG inner and outer TRE's.

    Even added a Spohn Motorsports adjustable rear track bar/panhard bar.

    About the only thing I *didn't* replace was the steering box.

    2" billet spacers, Stock 18" 2012 Silverado wheels, 35x12.50 Toyo Open Country AT Extremes.

    Had the truck aligned as soon as I was done.
    Drove it 100 miles or so, went back and checked torque on everything.
    Added a couple turns to each key to level out and compensate for settling.

    It was noticably out of alignment, told the shop and took it back in today for another alignment, they called me an said they can't get the caster or camber correct because the "upper control arm bolts are bad".
    When I pointed out that they were NEW, along with the alignment cams, they told me "they are either bad or put in wrong".

    This doesn't sound right to me.