Stuck in Park - Park Interlock Safety Switch

Discussion in 'Transmission & Transfer Case' started by hotrodpc, Dec 5, 2015.

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    Apr 30, 2014
    Thought I'd drop in and look for some info on the Park Interlock Switch Info. So far to what I have found out is there really only 3 things that cause this problem. The Fuse should always be the first thing to check. Then there is the brake light switch and the solenoid itself. I have a feeling my son's Hoe is having a Solenoid problem since it's intermittent that he has problems.

    But, like an idiot, he really thought he was going to get it out of Park and man handled the gear shifter with all he had and you all know what that ended up doing. Yep, broke parts in the column and now we have an expensive problem to fix.

    So I had to drive 30+ miles before he tore up anything else, show him how to get under it and get into Reverse to get out of the convenience store, then into Drive to get it home. He said something about epoxy to fix that pot metal part and I said HELL NO, we're not Jerry riggin' shit and it's going to get fixed right. Welllll, after looking it over and realizing as small hose clamp would actually provide a good fix, I did decide to epoxy the part, run the hose clamp around the Tork Bit Screw and parts and it does appear to be fixed good as new or maybe even better and saved a buttload of time and cash.

    So he doesn't have the problem again, I want to just find the solenoid and see if it's a clean/lubeable type part or just replace it. I'd imagine the solenoid is sticky and why it's an intermittent issue. If it was the brake light switch it wouldn't be intermittent.

    So who knows where this solenoid is and how to get access to it?