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  • Well, more than 2 months after your last communique, & no calendars. The year is over & still, no calendars. I have no patience left, along with...No calendars!
    Fed up with your excuses. Fed up with your blaming of everybody but you. Fed up with your lack of integrity. Fed up with your lack of responsibility.
    I don't believe that you sent them out in May. I don't believe that you sent out again in October.
    I moved here in April of '13. 6 months before I paid for the calendars. After 4 months of dealing with lawyers, banks, notaries, real estate agents, surveying companies & home inspectors, I think I'd know the address of the house I bought.
    This info was supplied to you when I paid for the calendars in October of 2013. You never checked that. You saw my name on the list & sent them out to my former address, without reading the attached PM.
    As far as the post office screwing this up? Well, the 2013 calendars was probably an honest mistake on their part. But, according to you, they've made that mistake 3 more times! That, sir, is highly unlikely! The odds of that happening are infinitesimal. Do you really think that the Post Service would still be in business after 150+ years, maintaining a level of incompetency such as you've suggested?
    I run my own biz, too! My number one responsibility is my customer's satisfaction in order to keep my name & company in good standing in the custom automotive community. Following up on transactions, & making sure that my customers are satisfied is part of doing business in a conscientious manner. And that goes for any biz endeavour, NO MATTER WHAT THE SIZE! That is called INTEGRITY, of which you have none! To tell me that you're 'JUST' a small biz guy, not some multi-national conglomerate & it's beyond your ability to do such follow-up, doesn't hold water. That's just lame laziness! If you can't behave in a business-like manner, then you shouldn't be in biz. Period.
    It has become apparent that your intentions were only for personal gain, instead of customer satisfaction . I.E. 'Take the money & run!'. I've had enough of this. About to go 'Full Creepy' if you do not reimburse, ASAP, PDQ, RFN!
    Give me my money back. Give me my money back. Plain & simple. Give me my f*cking money back. Deposit to my paypal acct. You KNOW what that is, 'cause you already TOOK my $$$!!!
    I've been waiting for a year for the 2, 2014 GMT400 calendars I ordered & PAID for! A whole YEAR!!!
    I STILL want them!
    Multiple messages via 3 different forums!
    NO response through any!!! I HATE being ignored!!!
    W.T.F'n.F. ???
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