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Mar 27, 2020
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Flat Rock, NC
Review of various Weathertech products....

I have the following Weathertech products on my 2002 Chevy Tahoe:
- front deflector
- window deflectors (front and rear doors)
- rear mud flaps
- rubber cargo mat (fits behind 2nd row of seats; 3rd row seats removed)

Generally, I like Weathertech products.

I really like the window deflectors because they are not glued to the vehicle and present a nice, clean look. Unfortunately, I have experienced some high speed rattles at speeds over 70MPH. But overall I would not have a vehicle without them. It's great to be able to crack the windows open when it's raining, or if we have to leave the dog in the vehicle for short periods of time.

The front deflector seems pretty worthless except to keep the front of the hood from getting chipped; maybe not totally worthless but pretty close. It is very low profile (lower than I thought it would be), so I did not notice any appreciable change in air flow over the hood after installing them. It has also now cracked in the two spots where it's screwed to the underside of the hood. I still get plenty of bug splatter on the windshield during summer highway driving.

The mudflaps installed easily with no drilling, and they seem to work well and they look like they could have been factory installed.

The rubber cargo mat has been well worth the money. I carry tools and spare fluids in the cargo area. The mat has saved the cargo carpet from spills and tears. I have one crack in the rear lip of the mat, but that's forgivable given how much stuff I have dragged into and out of the cargo hold.

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