4l80e to Nv4500 Questions


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Jun 27, 2022
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Laurel Mississippi
First post guys, so hello! Anyway I have started a project on a truck that's just a project to keep me busy. Im going from an automatic transmission to a 5 speed manual. First I'll list my truck specs, what im trying to do and my questions.

2000 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 LS 4x4
6.0 lq4 long crank with iron heads
Extended cab
Manual 4WD shift lever
Jumpseat console

Im swapping the stock 4l80e for an nv4500 from a 97 c/k 2500 Because I love a manual truck, I have a 2018 daily silverado, and like i said its a project/hobby so im not doing it for necessity im doing it because I want to (only saying this because every forum I see looking for information is just guys saying why would you do that or something along those lines) I'm using all OEM parts or equivalent as well. I've solved the long crank flywheel problem by finding the OEM equivalent, got the right bell housing and everything else. The truck has all the amenities to mount the hydraulic clutch pedal with ease.

My questions that I can't find a definite answer on

Drive shafts, are they the same length on the manuals and the automatics? Measurements using both trans specs show a difference of 1.26 inches. Getting custom or new is fine just want to know if they are the same.

ECM / PCM do these older Chevrolets have a PCM or is it all in the ECM (not as big on computers as I am mechanical)

Will the truck crank and run without going into limp mode if there is nothing feeding back from the auto, because the only plug on the nv4500 is the reverse light. Ive seen things about speed sensors and neutral switches and none of that's on the nv4500. So if I just leave it unplugged will it run fine? Tuners are hard to find in my area so I can deal with a check engine light. But I'll find one if I absolutely have to.

I'm just looking for solid info from someone who's knowledgeable on these trucks and these transmissions. Again I'm doing this as a project that I intend to finish so I would appreciate help and information instead of someone telling me I shouldn't because of expense or the 4l80e being the best transmission to ever exist so it's a sin to swap it, or I should just sale the truck and buy a manual truck (again only saying this because that's what every other forum on this topic is.)

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