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Apr 6, 2022
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Gorham NH
Thanks for having me. I've been looking for a decent squarebody up here to redo, but because of the amount of salt, they are few and far between, so I eventually decided to go with a GMT800 or two. I took a weekend and drove hundreds of miles to look at trucks before finally buying a couple. This is what I got:

2001 Chevy Silverado 1500
4.8 V8
Nice wooden flatbed
No options at all on this truck!

Body is solid, frame is solid and the "mechanic" (19 year old kid) that owned it had chased a misfire for months to no avail. Kid was frustrated and desperate at that point, so the $1500 he was asking... I asked if he would consider $1200. He said "Hell, I'd take $1000!" so I pulled the cash out and the deal was made. One injector and a new MAF sensor and this runs like new. Both rear shock mounts were rotted right off, so I dug out the old welding machine and repaired them. I was intending on getting this thing streetable, but now I think I might custom build a camper body for it and keep it as my "Nomad" vehicle.

2000 GMC Sierra 2500
6.0 Gas
8' Fisher plow
SLE loaded with everything except leather

Frame is rock solid on this one. Body is terrible. I bought it from the second owner with a great working plow. He had owned it for six years and never even registered it as he only plowed his driveway with it and put less than 300 miles in 3 years on it. It had no power steering or power brakes and he had no idea why (Can you say "Hydroboost?") The gas tank was hanging by ratchet straps but it had a pair of brand new straps in the back seat. He was asking $2750, so I pulled out $1500 and he gladly took it. So far I've replaced the following:

EGR valve and hoses
Power steering pump
One coil pack
Power window regulators and motors
Power mirrors
Stereo and speakers
Backup lights

I'll be replacing the muffler, and all the front end suspension components next (He never took the plow off in the six years he owned it). Then it'll be time for body work and paint.

So anyways, that's who I am and what I'm doing. Thanks for reading! Look forward to being a member.

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